Red hidden colour


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  1. Posted by claricepowell12, — Reply

    But what's the point of it... I'd dye my hair red all over. Fuck what others thing red is a rad colour and also I like red because of doom

  2. Posted by chxrri_b0mb, — Reply

    omggg this looks cool. in my highschool im not sure if they allow me to dye my hair a wild color but if i dye it like this it's more discrete 🤪💞

  3. Posted by arrakisses, — Reply

    hey guys!!✨🍃🌴i would really appreciate it if yall checked out my boards, ive been working hard on them<3 i know that self promo can be annoying sorry🥺also I FOLLOW BACK🦦😚🦦

  4. Posted by koolaidsam, — Reply

    y’all in the comments have your hair dyed and I here like the closest thing I got to dying my hair was 6 years of swim team where my hair got hella damaged but it kinda made me look like I got highlights 💀💀

  5. Posted by Lil_wimpy, — Reply

    I did this but blue and a section from my eyebrow to a little past my ear underneath, I start school soon so fingers crossed I don’t get dress coded.

  6. Posted by craemsod, — Reply

    I wanna do this but idk what colour cause i have dark brown hair and idk what colour would work without bleaching first:( any suggestions?

  7. Posted by Levi_step_on_me_already, — Reply

    I wish I could dye my hair like that but then I wouldn’t be able to go to school cuz my school doesn’t allow anyone to dye their hair;) here in Japan

  8. Posted by amygymer, — Reply

    I know this is rude, but I hope it’s funny to you. I am not sure how that works as I am worried no one will find out you are bleeding out until it’s to late.

  9. Posted by pinterestboarduser, — Reply

    What’s this style called? and can anyone link me to a picture of this on lighter hair or lighter brown hair with light underneath?

  10. Posted by ecobb03, — Reply

    I did this with blue in my blonde hair. I wanna do it again with a hairdresser cos my mum did it for me but it washes out really fast with my hair

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