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  1. Posted by Lum0sN0x, — Reply

    This picture is even funnier when you think about how Snow White’s animation was drawn frame by frame. Someone drew that intentionally.

  2. Posted by Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyu, — Reply

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  3. Posted by exctasyxo, — Reply

    This is funny because someone actually drew this... 😎 they be like yeah I drew dat 😏

  4. Posted by southerncrazy1, — Reply

    That may be the face you make but you feel a mini heart attack at the same time😤

  5. Posted by leelarosequartz, — Reply

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Snow White has... a glass eye??!!

  6. Posted by optimusprimeisnotimpressed, — Reply

    This is why you never ever pause a Disney movie.

  7. Posted by evymcclainhayes, — Reply

    Someone had to animate that frame

  8. Posted by chrisnelda, — Reply

    I’ve don’t that.

  9. Posted by lbachman30, — Reply


  10. Posted by AlexBailey14, — Reply

    My childhood...

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