Flower Temporary Tattoos Set of 8, flower tattoos , lavender, rose, peony, lily, sunflower, pink, blue, red,yellow, handmade, gift


It's Summer and finding accessories that light and fashionable are hard to find! So I created these watercolor painted temporary tattoos for people to enjoy. Flowers included: -Sunflower -Peony -Lavender -Lily -Rose -Small blue flower -Long Pink Flower -Two Flowers with a leaf Notes: (IMPORTANT) *new paper* Temporary tattoos last around 2-4days (Also depends on how they are taken care of). Thie temporary tattoos resist water. Do not touch after application and let it dry . The tattoos will come off faster if it continuously comes in contact with hot water,(eg. Hot showers, sauna, baths etc.). To help tattoos stay on longer, apply lotion to tatto after it has dried. Caution: Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. These temporary tattoos are hand-painted and printed. Wanting to help people enjoy the little things without having to worry about permanence like a real a tattoo, these temporary tattoos were designed. A simplistic yet colorful and beautiful set of 8 flowers will keep you going for weeks. Choose one to go with a certain outfit or a certain mood! This set of temporary tattoos are a different accessory that people can enjoy. This is just the first set of many more to come! The tattoos are roughly 2.5 inches by 0.5 inches. How to use: Find a spot that you would like to place the tattoo. Make sure the skin is dry. Cut out the tattoo Peel the thin sheet of plastic from the tattoo and place the tattoo onto the skin (with the tattoo faced-down) Place a wet towel or sponge on the tattoo so that the tattoo becomes soaked After 20 seconds, the tattoo paper should slide off easily and your temporary tattoo should be complete. Optional: Use a thin layer of cream or lotion on top to hydrate the skin and prolong the tattoo. How to remove: Use oil or alcohol based cleaning material and softly rub until tattoo peels off How to prolong temporary tattoos: Make sure the area dry and clean Shave the area of application Apply baby powder Restrain from excessive movement of the area and sweating Caution: Do not use on areas of skin with open wounds or irritated skin. Take care not to scratch the tattoo Do not use if you have highly sensitive skin or if you are pregnant. Domestic (US) shiping -Standard package shipping (Tracking included/ 3-5 business days) International shipping available! -Standard postage shipping (7-14 business days)


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