Best Sausage Gravy Recipe


Biscuits and gravy is staple southern breakfast fare! The Best Sausage Gravy Recipe is delicously simple, made from scratch, and ready in 20 minutes.


  1. Posted by kristintrostel, — Reply

    I LOVE that your site lets you jump to the recipe. That is the most annoying thing about Pinterest. I followed you, thanks for sharing your recipes!

  2. Posted by ieatz28, — Reply

    I like to use some heavy whipping cream and After browning the sausage I sprinkle it with the flour and it thickens up nicely and I

  3. Posted by analeiammunoz, — Reply

    This was amazing I made for breakfast and everyone loved it!!

  4. Posted by sweettea0303, — Reply

    Where is the seasonings? Like what pepper and salt that’s all

  5. Posted by mandymcgath, — Reply

    YUM! This was a hit with the fam on Father’s Day!

  6. Posted by carlyyyxd, — Reply

    This is some of the best sausage gravy I’ve ever had!!

  7. Posted by morganlsamples, — Reply

    Too much pepper flavor

  8. Posted by shelbyohme, — Reply

    This was delicious!

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