ASG-Artistic Alchemy Program and Inspiration for Your Weekend!


by HEIDI EMMETT Last Saturday my fellow Artistic Alchemy teachers and I did a Spring program (four hours of non-stop fun! ) for the Sacramento, CA chapter of ASG (American Sewing Guild). The ASG la…


  1. Posted by BookmanEighty, — Reply

    I’m not sure that’s sound advice. Sometimes, we must face a setback so profound, we need to step back and take the time to process it. We need to pause and consider our options and chart a new course—and I don’t recommend only giving yourself 5 min to do this!

  2. Posted by loconickkie, — Reply

    No one can control their emotions like this lol who can be like ok you’re right, this is dumb to be sad so let me just not be sad then???

  3. Posted by k2006stromer, — Reply

    I tend to remember the really little things that I didn’t even think would matter. Yet I still remember it and can’t forget it. No matter how little it was, I remember it, knowing it is pointless and I am not needing to remember it.

  4. Posted by lizbethshukins, — Reply

    What if we think, right now, that it won't affect us in 5 years. Then there is a pandemic, and we are all scurrying around trying to find out which way is up, getting advice and direction from people who know just a little bit more than us. If I had let the person who cut me off in traffic know how I really felt after following them to a gas station and getting in a fight...would this all have happened?

  5. Posted by maryvail19, — Reply

    Finally Faith's signature phrase makes sense! (From buffy?!)

  6. Posted by ivorybonsai, — Reply

    In other words, don't sweat the small stuff.

  7. Posted by madds1219, — Reply

    Guess I'm not doing algebra homework anymore

  8. Posted by MoonLeron, — Reply

    Who comes up with this crap?

  9. Posted by pplachte, — Reply

    We are listening to veterans. Not a cult.

  10. Posted by madds1219, — Reply

    Or waking up anymore

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