43 Dank Memes To Keep You Laughing


Jump into the meme stream and enjoy!


  1. Posted by saaheidariy, — Reply

    He is tooo smart😱😱

  2. Posted by nataleegb, — Reply

    What the heck kind of test would have those questions on it?

  3. Posted by rose_boyX, — Reply

    why are none of these topics related and what kind of test is this?

  4. Posted by madelynfulcher, — Reply

    were they wrong???

  5. Posted by prathamshah7096, — Reply

    He is too smart

  6. Posted by katiecyr7195, — Reply


  7. Posted by katiecyr7195, — Reply


  8. Posted by orinadish, — Reply


  9. Posted by gnachbor136, — Reply

    He’s going places. Not collage. But places.

  10. Posted by joshi5245, — Reply

    I wish I was smart like him

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