3 Braided Updo Hairstyles That Are Actually Easy (Seriously)


These braided hairstyles will look professionally done.


  1. Posted by victoriaaguayo0, — Reply

    Despite to some people’s spite, I like the last one. It’s simple and efficient. I could see a survival character using that, especially if they didn’t have a tie to secure it. Can’t you imagine a woman with long hair wanting it to stay completely out the way because she’s in the wild and wants her hair to not get in the way? She could simply to the last one!

  2. Posted by akcarmeans, — Reply

    I don't like that last one

  3. Posted by bugz04, — Reply

    What was that? (last one)

  4. Posted by princesaaz, — Reply

    Horrible! all of them!

  5. Posted by lsingelyn, — Reply

    How long is that hair

  6. Posted by kahaley6179, — Reply

    I like the last one without the ribbon

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